Artist Steve Biko is a new and emerging recording artist, songwriter and founder of the Biko brand. Artist Steve Biko was born in the year of Bantu Biko and later migrated to the west from the Americas in the Era of crystals and powder in the eastern city of bright lights and mean streets, Biko honed his talents, fine tuned his lyrical abilities while focusing on the environment and social issues which plays a major influence in his passion for music.

As a new and emerging recording artist and songwriter, Biko’s musical influences are among some of music’s greats such as Bob Marley, Bob Dillon, Peter Tosh, Biggie Smalls, X-Clan, Isley Brothers, Tupac Shakur, Scarface and the ghetto Boys, KRS-1, U2’s Bono and the likes. I was Born in the ghetto, If Black lives Matters are some examples of Bikos music works which clearly demonstrates his focus on keeping a consciously based philosophy with a soulful touch.

Artist Steve Biko – “Sell Out” Video

Artist Steve Bikos music is currently available on his social media platform at, ArtistSteveIko on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube and similar music portals such as Dotpiff and Intelligent Music Ent or IMEnt.